Translated from the French by Rachel Valinsky
Published by Shelter Press, Rennes
Publication date: October 2019
ISBN: 978-2-36582-035-6
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A Forest Petrifies: Diamond Feedback

A Forest Petrifies: Diamond Feedback is the first part of a larger novel in  several episodes. Inspired by the Petrified Forest in Arizona and its ability to change over time from an organic to a mineral state, the story was concieved by the musician and artist Félicia Atkisnon over the past five years, while its on-going writing has been the starting point of many of Atkinson’s music lyrics and recent records and exhibitions. A part of the book takes place in the middle of the desert in an indistinct future. Two men are having a discussion by a fire in a modernist house. The music they are listening to is not emitted by a device but by themselves, it’s a new kind of technology. They look at the embers of the fire and it reminds them of a painting by Jeronemus Bosch. They suddenly wonder if those embers could be a republic of some kind.