Edited by Rachel Valinsky
Designed by Brian Paul Lamotte
Published by Édition Patrick Frey, Zurich
Publication date: September 2016
Nº 204
ISBN 978-3-906803-04-3
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Warm Equations

Warm Equations is a monograph that's not a monograph: a study of an unstable, mercurial subject. Taking the paintings of New York-based Alan Reid as a cypher, the book pivots around the artist’s deferral of authorial closure, shifting the emphasis from his work to a multiplicity of voices and contributors. Rushing in from offstage, these voices pronounce their own concerns, setting textual tempos and rhythms that run amok non-hierarchically, catching on to or installing their own ambient metaphors.

Set among Reid's images, each text constitutes a voice within a splintered chorus. The dramaturgical chorus, traditionally united in its simultaneous interventions, here operates on discrete registers. The ideal audience, the self-same guide, the judge and jury of ever evolving ethical ploys, the personification of narrative, the analyst, a reminder of social imperative, a road to the gods…The chorus shares in the action, but only by marking its enunciation as interlude, as arbitrated pause. Warm Equations assembles such interludes, recasting the figure of the protagonist as always already necessarily multiple.

Imagine you and I, Reid and reader, nymph and faun, our prowling halt and frozen. The chorus overtakes the theater.

Warm Equations features texts by Matthew Brannon, Corina Copp, Jill Gasparina, Kristen Kosmas, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Lisa Robertson, Chris Sharp, Rachel Valinsky, and Jamieson Webster.

Ted Dodson, "Review: Alan Reid's Warm Equations,” BOMB Magazine, 138 (Winter 2016), 28-30.

Book Launch: McNally Jackson Books, New York, Thursday, October 27, 2016
Book Launch: Mary Mary Gallery, Glasgow, April 13, 2017