Edited by Rachel Valinsky
Designed by Erik Freer
Published by Wendy’s Subway, New York
Publication date: September 2019
ISBN 978-1-7327086-2-1
Edition of 500 
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We collect together in a net

A net contains and disperses, locating our entanglements in the world. Artist Kerry Downey’s first major publication, We collect together in a net, assembles a series of fourteen full color reproductions of new monotypes alongside commissioned texts by writers Jaime Shearn Coan, Jeanne Vaccaro, Ryan Lee Wong, and Layla Zami. Through Chine-collé, embossment, rubbing, and sanding, these works on paper bring attention to the materiality and transformative potential of paper as a substrate, drawing parallels between paper’s surface and our skin. Like a net, skin’s porousness acts as a threshold between the personal and the social, the psychological and the embodied.